Are You Ready?

Are You Prepared for Natural Disaster?

"It is not a matter of IF disaster strikes, but WHEN disaster strikes."

Natural disasters affect people all over the world and leave them devastated, trying desperately to regain a sense of normalcy after the destruction. Being prepared for a disaster can help to ease some of the immediate stress of the situation and make individuals and communities more resilient in the aftermath of such a disaster. By assembling a disaster kit, planning and practicing escape routes, and planning steps to take after the disaster happens, we can be ready to hold steady through the initial crisis and rebuild with less effort once it has passed. Although disaster preparedness has a significant positive effect on our physical safety and our mental and emotional health throughout the course of the disaster and into the aftermath, many people do not take the time to prepare due to lack of concern that a disaster will happen, lack of disaster preparedness education, lack of resources, or a combination of these and other reasons. It would benefit all individuals and communities to put in the effort to get prepared, even if it takes time to assemble a complete disaster kit due to lack of resources. It is not a matter of if disaster strikes, but when disaster strikes. Will you be ready?